If you’re looking for a new place to live in Mankato, or are relocating to the area, an apartment can be an affordable and convenient place to live. Apartment living offers the convenience of a short-term commitment, and you will often find amenities one wouldn’t find in a single family home like a pool, exercise room, and community rooms that can be rented or reserved for events.

Apartments also offer other benefits when compared to single family homes, including no property taxes, lower insurance, and you’ll never have to rake leaves in the yard or scoop the driveway. If you decide you want to move across town in a few months, it’s also much easier to move apartments compared to the hassle of selling a single family home.

Perhaps the main reason people look into apartment living is it’s affordable cost. This is especially true in Mankato, where average prices for apartments are quite reasonable, and many include utilities in the price. Here are some of the average per month apartment prices in Mankato:

  • Efficiency--$400-500
  • 1 Bedroom--$550-675
  • 2 Bedroom--$640-750
  • 3 Bedroom--$850-1050